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Festive Baubles QAL: Week 7: Quilt Top Assembly

Welcome to Week 7 of the Festive Baubles Quilt Along!

You did it! This is our last week in the sew along! Cassandra from The (not so) Dramatic Life will walk us through piecing our quilt tops together. Follow along with us here on our blog and on Instagram. You can use the hashtag #festivebaublesquiltalong to share your creations!


Sew Along Schedule

Week 7: Quilt Top Assembly

I am absolutely in love with all of the blocks you have been making the past few weeks! This week we will assemble the top, and you will be ready to quilt before Thanksgiving!

Goals for Week 7

-  Assemble the Festive Baubles Quilt Top


Assembling the Quilt Top

The assembly process is fairly quick for this quilt.  Each block is pieced into its own column except for Column 8 that has an A block and an E block.  When you are laying out the blocks, you can use the suggested layout or move blocks around if they are the same size.


When stitching the columns together you will have long seams to work with.  For the best results, I suggest pinning at either end of the seam, then the halfway point. Keep pinning the halfway points between pins until the seam is held securely enough to sew. By pinning using this method, you will be able to ease in any minor fullness that may occur.



Quilting Options

This quilt will look great with a wide range of quilting styles.  Vertical straight line quilting will emphasize the verticality of the hanging ornaments while diagonal or chevroned lines add an energetic feeling.


There is also a lot of negative space to play with, so organic free motion quilting can be a fun addition.



If you are using a longarm to quilt, a festive edge to edge design will add texture and another holiday motif to your project.


Bauble Strings

To complete the look of the quilt, you will want to add a line of stitching that appears to suspend the ornaments.  My favorite (and easiest!) method is to machine quilt a line using a 12wt thread on the top and a 50wt thread in the bobbin. This is easily added after the rest of the quilting is complete.



There are other options as well.  Any linear hand or machine embroidery stitch would look terrific! This is probably most easily done prior to quilting, but with care some stitches could be done afterward.

Couching is an option for incorporating other threads, strings, or yarns into the quilt. It can be done my hand or machine. It may depend on the exact material used on whether you prefer to add it before or after quilting.



Thank you so much for quilting along with us the past few weeks! Please remember to post your creations using the hashtag #festivebaublesquiltalong and tagging @DabbleandStitch